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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

And keep trying...

Off to a slow start blogging I suppose.  We lost internet here at our house for a few days due to wind and weather, guess that's just one of the things you get used to living at the end of the road in a tiny town. 

On notes from the home my sourdough starter seems to be coming along just fine and I plan to make my first sponge this afternoon in anticipation of making an actual sourdough loaf tomorrow or the next day, so excited!!  I will also be attempting hamburger buns for the first time this evening.  As far as I can tell it is a fairly simple process and basicly involves making several little bread loaves:)  Who knew?! 

Our chickens seem to be over the cold they had for the past few weeks.  We never did end up medicating them with anything, just quarantined the sick ones and kept them warm and well watered and fed.  Everyone, as I said, appears to have pulled through.  The Wyandottes haven't started laying again but we aren't worrying over that to much as it is still chilly with short days here and I imagine they will pick back up in the spring. 

The mushroom project has jumped into full swing as well.  A batch of portabella spawn has received its casing layer and will hopefully fruit in the next week or two.  At that point we are hoping to start both liquid spore and agar mix solutions to be able to inoculate the batch of chicken litter compost that is cooking outside right now.  Wish us luck!

Hubby has started a new banjo and is busy with his project as well so all and all it is a lovely rainy blustery day here at the end of the road.

Until next time...


  1. I can't wait to see what else you come up with. Thanks for stopping by at my 'place'. I'm so jealous of your mushroom experiment. Something I've always wanted to do but have never tried.

  2. Oh my first comment!! How wonderful! I guess thanks in return:) I really like your blog Judy, you are so diligent about it, so impressive. I'm still trying to cultivate the habit of writing.
    We sort of got started on the mushroom growing last fall after selling a large quantity of chanterelles that we gathered from the wild. It was so lucrative and we so enjoy eating them it just seemed like the project to take on right then. A couple other friends jumped on the band wagon at the same time so I think it made it easier that we could share resources, lessons, and ideas. If you do decide to try I would check out and or any books by Paul Stamets.