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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cold cold

A cold day has settled over us today.  Tonight temps are dropping into the low 20s!  The greenhouse is prepped and a wood fire is lit so hopefully everyone and everything will come out into the sunlight tomorrow ready for a new day. 

On notes from the home the sourdough sponge seems to be developing well and I have decided to leave it until tomorrow to get a good strong flavor.  The hamburger buns from last night turned out to be really wonderful this morning, afternoon, and evening as sandwiches of various kinds.  I think they are even better today as they seem to have softened up a bit.  Next time I may plan to make them a day in advance. 

A difficult discussion that has arisen in our house the last few days is whether or not we would like to move to a community that is more conducive to what we want to do.  Our own home is charming and all we could ask for but the town we live in is conservative in a way that seems to make us at least feel very restricted.  My husband is a professional musician and he is struggling to find students and I am having trouble finding like minded people to connect with.  Right now we are seriously considering moving to the western North Carolina area.  Hubby has ties there and the music and community would be ideal.  We also have the option to farm on family land available to us near Lafayette, LA.  A community that is actively expanding both its music scene as well as its local food movement.  This second option offers by far the more extensive resources not to mention unrestricted access to family, or at least my family.  The decision looms before us with no clear and present solution or deciding factor.  Anyone with input on what it might be like to attempt small farming and self sufficient living in either of these areas PLEASE help!  Or in any others for that matter, and what might have helped make or break your endeavors.  I would love to hear some stories from the trenches and try to narrow our decision making paradigm to what might end up being the most important factors to being successful at a small farm venture.

I'll look forward to hearing any and all comments and until then I'm gonna go have another cup of tea here at the end of the road...

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