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Saturday, January 21, 2012


Alright I have a little bit of a rant today.  Now I am all for self sufficiency and doing things myself and from scratch, I just don't see why thinking of doing these things as often as possible as a good idea has to some how go hand in hand with not wanting any of the things modern technology offers.  For example, I hardly ever go to the doctor, even when I have a little sickness going on.  I make my own wound salve, believe in good exercise and preventative medicine.  This doesn't mean that I don't appreciate a good round of well applied antibiotics or the possibilities offered by modern medicine, as a baby I had to have a cranial synostosis (the creation of a soft spot on a babys cranium due to the lack thereof) without modern medicine I wouldn't be the functional human I am today.  I want to believe that modern technology, properly applied, can enhance and further a life that is generally applied toward more traditional endeavors.  Solar energy, modern cooking and sanitation equipment, the internet!  The old axiom 'all things in moderation' seems applicable here; the benefits of modern technology can be enjoyed without guilt if it is used in such a way that doesn't cause damage elsewhere.  Maybe it's overly optimistic but I think even technology and tradition can live side by side and even make each other more and better.

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